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It does not pay to be a young  Japanese tease, or a bad Japanese girl, as these two found out!    There is always some adult only too  delighted to chastise you in any way he sees fit, and Japanese men are notoriously mean and cruel.


Bondage Deflowering

Riami had been a poor student at school, she  always  teased the boys with her body, but never let any of them get close enough to touch. The principle of the school had enough, and felt that he was going to do something about it. He waited for her in his house, and then began to change what she did in a profound way. He showed her what teasing can cause. It can cause a man to go crazy for her touch, and that she would have to supply the man with her body. The principle had finally take Riamis virginity, but he didn't feel as though this was enough. There was so much more that he could teach her.

Humiliated Slut

In a large Japanese city, he takes her home with him. The first thing she has to do is shave her pussy. It is an audience with the Master, a whirlpool of feelings. Dildo games, merciless fingering and blowjobs in the bath. Then she is used as a human dining table for a Japanese meal of sushi and sahimi. But instead of the soya sauce, you get pussy juice, Bon appetite!


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